New Year Activities and Crafts Ideas

New Year Activities

New Year is the festival that is celebrated in every corner of this world. It is celebrated by billions of people with lots of joy, happiness and enthusiasm. This is the best time to enjoy and party. Welcome the New Year Activities 2017 with happiness and smiles at your face and wash away all the stress of the ending 2016 year.
There are various ways of the celebrations. On the New Year’s Eve people decorate their homes, malls, shops, gardens, lawns etc to express their happiness. Buying the decorative materials or ornaments from the market will be expensive and an disturb our budget so this year try to make decorative material a home as this will give you more fun, joy and happiness.
Here we have some creative activities and craft ideas that you can use to decorate your homes, offices, shops etc. For this you can use old or waste material and turn them to look totally new with your little creativity. This will be also a fun activity for your kids so involve them also to make crafts. So have a look on these craft ideas and activities that will make your decoration unique and attractive.

Happy New Year Activities & Craft: Hand print poster

As kid’s hands are so cute and lovely forever so it will be great idea to make a handprint poster for the New Year Eve. For this you will need a paper, golden and silver paint, Red, golden and silver glitter glue. Print 2 golden and 2 silver handprints alternatively along the horizontal line in the centre of the paper. Then let it dry. After that take glitter glue and write on 4 handprints the numbers of the upcoming year like 2017. And above the handprints you can write Happy New Year will glitter glues of different colours. Here we have an example of happy new year 2009 in the image shown you can similarly make it for 2017.

Happy New Year Crafts: Hanging Lantern

For this you will need a square piece of coloured paper. Now you fold the paper into two equal parts and make two rectangles out of them. Now start making equidistant cuts along the breadth of the rectangle facing the folded corner of the rectangle, leaving approximately half an inch distance between two cuts. Flipping open the square piece of paper, paste a side of the square half inch overlapping the other side of the paper, in a way that it is shaped in a cylindrical form. Make sure that all the cuts are vertical and along the length of the lantern. Now all you need to do is press the paper from the top a little. The lantern will be ready, you can make as many as you want and hang them up as decorations for the party.

Happy New Year Craft: Balloon Countdown

You can take different coloured balloons and then write the time that you will countdown till the clock will strike 12 and the New Year begins. You can write like 6pm, 7m, 8pm………11pm, 12 o’clock. As the clock strikes 6 pm on 24th December afternoon then prick on the balloon having 6 Pm written on it and then prick the further balloons like this only. It will be a great fun for you and also for your family.

Happy New Year Craft Idea: Hat Pompom

For this you will require a wrapping paper, scissors and ribbon. First cut the wrapping paper in various strips then tie the strips from the middle with th help of a ribbon them trim these strips to form a pompom. Then you have to attach it on the top of the hat.

Happy New Year Craft: Confetti sticks

For this you will need clean straws, confetti, glue, stapler and glitters. Take a clear straw and staple it from the one side so that it becomes closed from one end. Fill the straw with confetti from the open side and after filling staple another end also. Now put some glue on both the sides and then dip it in the glitter that we were using and our Confetti sticks are now ready.

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